Chimney Services for West Michigan Homes & Businesses

You can trust our experienced chimney professionals to make sure your chimney is serviced properly. Because a clean and efficient chimney can save you money. It may even save your home or your life. Don't risk putting off chimney repairs or cleaning. You should have your chimney maintained regularly. Go to our Maintenance Page to see our recommendations and DIY tips for scheduling maintenance on your chimney. 
Chimney Cleaning & Repair
Need an experienced Chimney Sweep? Affordable Chimney Services has over 20 years experience cleaning every type of chimney (brick, metal, ceramic, etc). Is your chimney cracked or crumbling? That can be dangerous! So you shouldn't put off chimney repairs. Our experienced chimney professional can fix any chimney. You can contact us today for a chimney repair quote.
Chimney Inspections
We are the only chimney company in Michigan that performs a 22-Point Chimney Inspection. Which makes it more detailed than any other company in the state. Inspections include: Chimney Cleaning, Fireplace Inspections and Cleaning, Woodstove or Fireplace Insert Inspections & other safety considerations (such as fire alarms, exits, etc.)
Chimney Removal
Need an old or damaged chimney removed? Have your old chimney sealed off or replaced by Affordable Chimney Services. We specialize in chimney rebuilds.
Emergency Services
Is smoke filling your home? Did you have a tree fall on your chimney? Contact Scott today for Emergency Chimney Cleaning or Repairing services.
Wildlife Removal & Relocation
We remove critters from chimneys, fireplaces, attics and other spaces in your home. Includes: bats, skunks, ducks and other birds, raccoons, foxes and coyotes. 
We are licensed by the DNR for wildlife relocation services. DNR Permit #RC1244 (WILDLIFE ANIMALS ONLY) 
Pellet Stove Installation & Repair
Looking for a sustainable and efficient solution for heating your home? Don't have the means to supply your own fire wood? A pellet stove may be the answer. Don't wait for winter, call us today! We install and repair pellet stoves.
Scott Kiester
Trusted & Experienced Chimney Service Professional
You can trust Scott at Affordable Chimney Services for honest recommendations and affordable services for your chimney. We specialize in Chimney Rebuilds, Chimney Repairing and Chimney Cleaning services. 
A-Frame House - Chimney Repair & Maintenance
We can get onto any type of roof including: A-frame and metal roofs. 

Licensed & Insured
Don't put yourself in danger. Hire a professional to clean your chimney.
Our professional, licensed and insured staff are experienced with climbing any type roof including: A-Frame and metal roofs. We make sure to take preventative measures and use safety harnessing while on any roof. Let us do all the chimney work at an affordable rate. 
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