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The safety and performance of your chimney rely heavily on keeping it maintained properly. Here are some chimney maintenance tips and timeline reminders for you to put on your calendar. Add our phone number to your phone directory to contact us when it is time for professional routine chimney maintenance. If you ever have chimney or fireplace related questions, feel free to call or email us. 
Every Month (Winter)
Remove Soot and Ashes from Fireplace. For simple cleaning, start by removing the ashes from the fireplace. During the cold season, make sure that the ashes don't build up to a depth greater than about 2".
Every Year (Fall)
Have your Chimney Cleaned Professionally before the first snowfall. Check your Smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector. Also change their batteries to make sure they perform when you need them most. The best practice is to check the detectors when you change your clocks, during Daylight Savings Time.
Every Year (Spring)
Time for Spring Cleaning! Remove ALL of the ashes from the fireplace. Use a flat fireplace shovel to clean out the ashes and finish up by vacuuming. Remove Soot and Fire Stains by spraying on a mixture of soapy water, let set for 30 minutes and scrub off with a bristled brush and rags.
Every 2-3 years
Professional Chimney Inspection — For preventative maintenance it is important to have a professional inspect the outside of your chimney. Affordable Chimney Services has years of experience and is licensed and insured to climb on top of your roof. We have a 22-point inspection, which covers all aspects of your chimney functionality. If there is an issue, we will find it and let you know what your solution options are.
Every 10 years
Buy a New Fire Extinguisher — Fire extinguishers expire every 10 years. Even if the gauge says it is good, you should replace it if the date on the bottom or on the printed label says it is expired. We charge only $25 for new extinguishers. Contact us if you need one and we can bring it to your scheduled cleaning or inspection.
Prevent Chimney Damage
Don't let your chimney get this bad! It can cause fires and is not energy efficient. Make sure to have your chimney inspected every 2-3 years and follow our chimney maintenance and safety tips. 
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